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Welcome at SatService GmbH, your System House for Satellite Communication.

System Integration
Implementing complex Turnkey Satellite Ground Stations

Implementing complex Turnkey Satellite Ground Stations

Own SATCOM Product Range "sat-nms" Made in Germany

Distribution and Support of selected Products of our longtime Partner

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Switch board: +49 7738 99791-10

Sales team: +49 7738 99791-20

Fax: +49 7738 99791-99

Turnkey Projects

Modern satellite communication is the ideal way to meet the growing demand for rapid, global communication without barriers. Therefore, satellites are the basis of the future-proof technology and service solutions of SatService GmbH.


SatService strives to supply its customers with a headstart on the market of telecommunications. With worldwide satellite communication, companies and organizations open up highly efficient a world of new possibilities.

Individual, quick and flexible

We are independent of suppliers and operators. We select our products for the benefit of our customers. Techniques are developed custom-made, quickly and flexibly.

Customer orientation combined with expertise and experience - SatService GmbH: your strong partner

The experience and expertise of our staff are at your entire disposal. Therein lies the success of SatService GmbH!

Customer service is very important to us

We support our products even after delivery and therefore run a Service Center for devices in the field of satellite communications. We thus provide you a contact point for the repair of your equipment - even in the case that you have not purchased your equipment from us. Therefore, you have shorter response times as if you return your equipment to your manufacturer in the United States.