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SatService is Distributor for LP Technologies Inc. products and solutions in Europe.

LP Technologies is a company that specializes in spectrum monitoring solutions. They combine the latest signal processing technology, along with customer input, and their two-decade industry experience to make revolutionary products.

LP Technologies's Spectrum Analyzers are especially designed for remote operation. We at SatService already support the LPT-3000R since years with our own sat-nms MNC Monitoring & Control System.

Building on top of their high reliable spectrum analyzers, LP Technologies delivers a sophisticated Communications System Monitoring (CSM) solution. LPT-ASM WEB is an affordable, effective and easy-to-use Automatic Spectrum Monitoring system that provides all of the functionality needed to ensure effective carrier monitoring for up- and downlinks of satellite earth stations.

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LP Technologie Products

Remote Spectrum Analyzer
LP Technologie Remote Spectrum Analyzer LPT-3000RX4
  • LPT-3000RX4
  • LPT-3000R
Portable Spectrum Analyzers
LP Technologie Portable Spectrum Analyzer LTP-3000
  • LPT-X3000
  • LPT-3000/6000
Spectrum Monitoring and Interference Detection Software
LP Technologie Spectrum Monitoring Software
  • LPT-LEO: carrier monitoring software dedicated to Low Earth Orbit satellites
  • LPT-ASM: signal monitoring soft​ware
  • LPT-ASM WEB: brings the best features of ASM to the browser
  • LPT-LSM: lightweight real time computer to spectrum analyzer monitoring software

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sat-nms MNC system

Our sat-nms MNC Monitoring & Control System supports all LP Technology Remote Spectrum Analyzers LPT-3000R and the latests LPT-3000RX4.


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