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sat-nms ACU Antenna Control and Tracking System

The sat-nms ACU Product Family covers antenna control that means its applications range from positioner only applications up to a full featured adaptive step-track system. The core module of the antenna control is our sat-nms ACU-ODM. It is included in each of the integration form below. A matching topic: our sat-nms LBRX L-Band Beacon Receiver for a complete tracking system. 

Product Overview

Here is an overview of our sat-nms ACU products - subdivided according to their different forms of integration:

Core Module: sat-nms ACU-ODM

Outdoor Units
19" Versions
Antenna Counter Torque
sat-nms ACU-ODU-DC sat-nms ACU-RMU
sat-nms ACDS sat-nms ACU-IDU
sat-nms ACU-ODU-AC sat-nms ACU-RMU-NEC    
  sat-nms ACU-RMU-3    
ACS3000: sat-nms ACU19    
sat-nms ACS3000
Upgrade Kit

sat-nms ACU19V    
Accessories ACU-ODU:      
sat-nms LCPH      
sat-nms RCPH      
sat-nms RCP19      


  • Antenna Positioning
  • Antenna Step-Track
  • The sat-nms ACU can operate as a stand-alone solution or fits into the overall sat-nms NMS Network Management System Solution provided by SatService
  • VSAT-inclined orbit, VSAT-Hub
  • SNG, SNG Central Station
  • TV-Uplink
  • Teleport