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sat-nms LBRX L-Band Beacon Receiver

The sat-nms LBRX L-Band Beacon Receiver manufactured by SatService GmbH is a measurement tool that measures the RF input level and provides this information as output signal to control systems. The main application of this receiver is in antenna tracking systems where the receiver provides the tracking signal level to the antenna step-track controller. Other applications can be a pilot measurement and control loops like uplink power controls.

The sat-nms LBRX receives a satellite beacon signal that is down-converted to L-Band by a PLL stabilized Low Noise Converter (LNC) at its L-Band interface input. The sat-nms LBRX does not demodulate any satellite signal because the satellite signals are sometimes CW signals but also very often modulated in FM or QPSK/8PSK form. Due to this fact, the best implementation is a non-coherent receiver that measures the input level in a user-selectable defined bandwidth and provides this as a dB-linear and calibrated analogue output voltage and digital information.

The level output is provided by three different and parallel available interface types: a HTTP web interface via an internal web server, a RS232 interface or the analog voltage output.

There are two sat-nms LBRX versions available:

  • sat-nms LBRX: Compact small DIN rail compatible box allows also integration in antenna controller
  • sat-nms LBRX19: 19" 1RU rack-mount version with display and keyboard and integrated multi switch


  • Full L-Band tuning range 950 to 2050MHz 1KHz step size
  • Modulation independent level measurement
  • No unpredictable lock on PM/PSK side carriers
  • TCP/IP-based design
  • HTTP web browser interface
  • Unlimited number of clients possible
  • 14/18V 0/22kHz interface to switches and switch matrixes
  • Full remote administration and support capability
  • Relay contact output for level alarm
  • Each beacon receiver is electronically calibrated for level and temperature linearity and therefore provides excellent level accuracy even in outdoor environments
  • Interoperable with Andrew, Vertex and NEC antenna control systems


  • Antenna tracking and control systems
  • Pilot measurement
  • Uplink power control
  • The sat-nms LBRX can operate as a stand-alone solution or fits into the overall sat-nms NMS Network Management System provided by SatService
  • VSAT inclined orbit, VSAT-Hub
  • SNG Central Station
  • TV-Uplink
  • Teleport