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sat-nms CSM Communication System Monitoring

The sat-nms CSM Communication System Monitoring Module for the sat-nms Network Management Software enables the operator to easily monitor the signal spectrum of defined satellite-links or -channels by means of a spectrum analyzer and to program a measurement sequence that verifies the levels of defined channels with cyclic measurements in the background. The sat-nms CSM Module can be integrated into a sat-nms NMS Network Management System or can be operated as a stand-alone program.

The sat-nms CSM System measures signal levels and signal/noise ratios by analyzing the spectrum measurements of one or several spectrum analyzers. Multiple channels will be measured within one spectrum analyzer sweep.

With software controlled RF switches or the sat-nms LSW L-Band Switch in front of the spectrum analyzer, different antennas or frequency and polarization bands can be measured in one sequence. A huge advantage of the L-Band Input Switch compared to RF switches is its long loss-free switching life. For more details please refer to datasheet sat-nms LSW in the box at the right side.

With the measurement results, the software calculates the following downlink result values, taking into account the spectrum analyzers resolution bandwidth, the channel bandwidth and the calibration values stored in the system configuration. These results are as follows:

  • C/N0: Ratio between average noise densities of the channel and noise reference measurement
  • C/N: C/N0 value multiplied with the channel bandwidth
  • EIRP: The satellite EIRP is estimated by multiplying the channel's average noise density with its bandwidth and then applying a calibration factor


  • Support for multiple Spectrum Analyzers
  • Multiple Channels per Analyzer
  • User-friendly graphical Interface
  • Access to recent Spectrum Plots without interrupting the Measurements
  • Channel History Chart displaying the stored Channel Levels
  • Client-server-based Architecture with unlimited Number of Clients


  • VSAT-Hub
  • Teleport