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sat-nms Deice Controller

The sat-nms Deice Controller is designed for energy-saving and cost-efficient deicing of satellite ground station antennas. In order to interface to any type of antenna reflector, this unit controls up to 16 heater elements. Several environmental parameters and an adjustable slope are taken into account to optimize the deicing performance. The Deice Controller measures the reflector chamber temperature of the antenna and activates only the necessary heating stage. If the antenna reflector reaches the final temperature, heaters are switched off for energy-saving purposes in contrast to classical deicing solutions.


The modul can be used both indoor and outdoor as a stand-alone equipment. The Deice Controller can be integrated in our sat-nms MNC or NMS systems. But also the integration in other monitoring solutions is possible because of its SNMP, HTTP, RS232 interfaces.

The Deice Controller integrated in a cabinet near the antenna works with an user-friendly web-browser interface, an integrated event and alarm log.


  • Significantly electricity-saving
  • Allows very cost-efficent Deicing
  • All loop Parameters software-configurable
  • Ethernet (SNMP and HTTP) Interface
  • User Interface via integrated Web-server
  • RS232 Interface
  • Interfaces for up to 16 Heater Elements
  • Including Temperature Measurement with up to 4 external PT1000 Sensors
  • Integrated Alarm/Event Logging
  • Compact Design and mounted on a DIN-Rail
  • Interfaces to any higher Level M&C System


  • Efficient deicing control Sequence
  • Control and Monitoring Heater States
  • Monitoring of Temperature states