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sat-nms LSM L-Band Switch Matrix

The sat-nms LSM L-Band Switch Matrix is a central sub-system in a satellite ground station or a teleport with several antennas. This switch matrix allows the user to switch each of its RF inputs, for example, from different antennas/LNCs, to each output, actively distributed without any blocking effects. This gives the user an unlimited routing and configuration capability.

The unit includes two power supplies with two independent mains voltage input connectors. Internal redundancy switchover between the two power supplies improves the availability of the unit. All modules are hot swappable without interrupting the users services.

In the standard configuration all RF-connectors are SMA 50Ohm female connectors. If you need other connectors, just contact us!

Example for Signal Conversion 50 to 75Ohm

SatService is able to offer the corresponding adapters and impedance transformers.

Model Variants

The switch matrix is available in a lot of different configurations. The number of inputs and outputs are the maximum possible number for the corresponding model:

  • 19" 3 RU: 8x8, 8x16, 8x32, 16x8, 32x8
  • 19" 6 RU: 16x16, 16x32, 32x16
  • 19" 9 RU: 32x32

Subsets are also possible, e.g. the LSM 1012 is a 16x16 matrix equipped with 10 input cards and 12 output cards, that can be expanded with up to 16 input and 16 outputs.

The modular design allows also larger numbers of input and output ports. Matrix systems that exeed 32x32 will be realized by a combination of n x 32x32 complete matrices..


  • Compact 19" design in 3, 6 or 9 RU
  • High port to port isolation
  • Amplitude flatness over the whole L-Band frequency range
  • Dual redundant power supplies
  • Front panel display and keyboard
  • TCP/IP and HTTP web browser interface
  • In Service expansion by card possible
  • In Service exchange of cards


  • Automatic measurement systems
  • SNG Central Station
  • TV-Uplink
  • Teleport