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sat-nms MX L-Band Mini Matrix

The sat-nms Mini Matrix with 8 inputs and outputs, was specifically developed for the satellite news gathering (SNG) applications either in transportable stations or small teleports with several antennas. In addition to a complete installation with 4 LNCs, the SNG operator has the capacity to route the L-Band inputs of additional transmit chain and even of a second receive antenna. With the output ports the operator routes these input signals to 8 different IRDs, spectrum analyzers or other measurement equipment.

Via the user-friendly front panel display and keypad the operator can switch any inputs to any number of outputs. This is easy to handle, very helpful and important for the SNG operators daily business.

Another special feature of this non-blocking matrix is that all inports provide the DC voltage supply for LNB and LNB current monitoring with min./max. thresholds.
In addition, you can adjust the LNB voltage power on 4 of the input ports between 0V/13V/18V and 0/22kHz.


  • Ergonomic Front Panel Display and Keypad
  • 19” compact Design in 1 RU
  • LNB DC Supply Voltage and current Monitoring
  • Dual redundant Power Supplies
  • SNMP Interface for Monitoring & Control
  • TCP/IP and HTTP via embedded Web-server
  • User-friendly web-browser Interface


  • Satellite News Gathering (SNG) Terminals
  • Automatic Measurement Systems
  • LNB Redundancy Switching
  • Small Teleports with several Antennas
  • TX-chain Redundancy/ Route Switching