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sat-nms NMS Network Management System

SatService's Network Management System is a comprehensive software-based system providing monitoring and control of Single Channel Per Carrier (SCPC)/ Multiple Channels Per Carrier (MCPC) VSAT stations and in general satellite ground stations from a central site. The system consists of two parts:

  • Network Management System (NMS)
  • VSAT Local Controller (VLC)

VSAT Local Controller VLC

The VSAT Local Controller (VLC) monitors and controls the equipment of a site. It is similar to the sat-nms MNC System without the graphical user interface on-site, with some extensions to operate unattended and to send event messages to the central sat-nms NMS. The VLC has full control of all the parameters of the connected equipment.

The monitoring is performed locally without any influence and connection to the sat-nms NMS. The equipment is polled and monitored continuously. If an alarm is detected, like summary alarm, lock alarm, thresholds or limits of data quality, this alarm is sent to the sat-nms NMS and is stored in a central data base. The operator is alerted via a graphical and an audible alarm. The operator monitors the status of the equipment via the sat-nms NMS screen and can dial himself into the station.

Network Management System sat-nms NMS

The sat-nms NMS allows the central management of multiple VLC's on different sites and provides the communication facilities to connect these sites. The connection can be made of any kind of TCP/IP connection (LAN or dialup via Modem, ISDN, etc.).

The operator screens are the same as of our sat-nms MNC System. The sat-nms NMS provides the same functionality as a M&C System. The only difference is that it provides the framework to handle a lot of stations from one site and manage all data and events within one event log taking into account the data of all stations. The sat-nms NMS Operator can store also complete equipment configurations and can generate PRESETS, which are equipment and not station dependent, so the operator can copy presets from one station to another and save a lot of configuration time if the equipment or station set-up is common or comparable.


  • Client Server Software Architecture
  • TCP/IP-based Design
  • Integrated Management for Dialup Connections
  • Full Remote Administration and Support
  • Client is independent from Operating System 
  • Unlimited Number of Clients possible
  • Central Event- and Alarm Log with Filter Utilities
  • Task- and device-oriented User Interfaces
  • Macro Recording Functionality
  • Software configurable Interface Device Configuration
  • Integrated Graphical Tool for User Interface Configuration
  • Comparable equipment of different Manufacturers has the same "look and feel"


  • SNG Central Station
  • Teleport

Hardware VLC

  • 2RU 19" rack-mount Industrial PC
  • LAN (TCP/IP) Interface
  • Power Supply Wide Range Input Voltage 90V to 240V 50/60Hz AC
The VLC can be equipped with a local user interface (monitor, keyboard, trackball) like the sat-nms MNC System for local control.

Interfaces to Satcom Equipment

The VLC is able to monitor and control the attached equipment via the following types of interfaces:

  • Serial RS232 Interface
  • Serial RS422/RS485 Interface
  • Network Interface (Ethernet,TCP/IP)
  • SNMP Interface via Network
  • Parallel Interface for low level Devices like Alarm Contacts or waveguide/coaxial Switches via the sat-nms IO-FEP.

sat-nms Drivers

The Universal Device Driver concept reduces the costs for the configuration of new drivers. The user can configure its own drivers without writing software. Parallel to that, SatService will always provide the service to adapt new equipment with drivers to the system. Drivers are always the same for sat-nms MNC and VLC Systems.

The Driver Development Kit (sat-nms DDK), which is an eclipse-platform-based Integrated Development Environment supports the user to configure and test new drivers and protocols. For details please see datasheet.

sat-nms NMS-Client

The client software is the user interface for the operator of the network and all sites. The operator accesses the system normally via a client PC connected with the sat-nms NMS via TCP/IP. The number of clients is not limited.

The platform-independent Java software requires only a Java virtual machine on the Client-PC. We have tested the software successfully on Windows 9x/NT4/W2K/XP/7 and of course on Linux PCs.

With the purchase of the sat-nms Network Management System you obtain the licences for an unlimited number of clients so that you do not have to fear additional costs.

There are two kinds of user interfaces available:

The device-oriented user interface provides all parameters of the satellite ground station equipment and a deep insight into the equipment of system engineers. It is part of the delivery and shows every attached device in a block diagram view. The device-oriented screen will be mostly used in stations with a static configuration for monitoring & control and redundancy switching.

The task-oriented user interface is a customized user interface, fully configurable, and reduces the user interface to the special requirements of the operator. Several task-oriented and/or device-oriented user interfaces can be used in parallel. SatService will be glad to offer you the configuration concerning your needs, but you are also able to do this on you own with the integrated graphical screen editor.

Remote Access

The sat-nms NMS Server is completely configurable and maintainable remotely. It only requires a TCP/IP connection. Also the client requires only a TCP/IP connection to the sat-nms NMS Server. This can be an already existing network (LAN) or a dialup connection (e.g. PPP).

SatService also offers ISDN and VPN solutions to connect different locations on request. Via these routers, SatService can provide remote support if you need it.

Link Management Module

On top of the normal sat-nms NMS Functionality, the sat-nms System can provide optionally a traffic and a link management package. These allow the operator to set-up and manage links either operator-driven or scheduled automatically by time completely on his own.

Satellite Control Channel

The new sat-nms SCC (Satellite Control Channel) option enhances the sat-nms System with the capability to control remote ground terminals or VSAT's via satellite, without the need of a terrestrial communication link. This enables the customer to set-up a small or medium sized VSAT System with the cost-efficient sat-nms NMS from SatService and to monitor&control also equipment from different vendors (like transceivers, satellite modems and routers etc.) at his remote station.