SSE Service Center

Since 1996, SatService repairs successfully Transceiver of SSE Technologies. We will continue this service for our customers. We even have improved this service as we now procure all parts on our own, so that we are an independent Service Center.

We repair the complete transceiver product range

  • from the first modulare transceivers
  • the S-Series Transceiver
  • to the the Star Radio Transceivers
  • C- and Ku-Band

RMA Request

In case you want to use our repair center please follow the below mentioned instructions:

  • Request of a RMA Number (Return Material Authorization Number) at SatService
  • Please follow strictly the specified shipping procedure
  • Provide a detailed failure description
  • Plain forms and examples of descriptions with detailed illustrations are available

RMA Number and Shipping Procedure

RMA Request (Return Material Authorization Number) tl_files/images/layout/pdf.gif
Shipping instructions shipping

Failure description

Please select the blank failure analysis form dedicated to the transceiver type. For each transceiver version, you can also download an example with all information with regard to interface signals including plots.


  plain   example
K-STAR Transceiver blanko example
C-STAR Transceiver blanko example
S-ASAT 1214 Transceiver (S-Line Ku-Band) blanko example
S-ASAT N406 Transceiver (S-Line C-Band) blanko example
Ku-Band Driver Unit blanko example
C-Band Driver Unit blanko example


Phone: +49 7738 99791 13

E-Mail: tl_files/images/company/mail-sz.png