sat-nms ACU antenna controller

sat-nms ACU19V2-front

The sat-nms ACU-ODM is the core module used in all our antenna controllers. ODM is the abbreviation for Out Door Module, as this was the target application, at least in the beginning. Please refer to its specific user manual if you want to understand its capabilities and features.

Key Features

  • Developed, manufactured and tested in Germany
  • Integrated web server, user interface via web browser
  • GUI design for efficient operation and workflow
  • Backup of configuration data via FTP
  • Remote M&C interface via HTTP, RS232 and SNMP

The SatService approach for antenna control and tracking is that the complete tracking system (sat-nms ACU-ODU) is located directly at the antenna without the requirement of other approaches which need a lot of interface cables to additional equipment indoors. The outdoor cabinet contains all necessary components. This is the most favorable configuration we recommend:

  • Two standardized cabinet sizes depending on frequency inverter size
  • Cabinet 1 Maximum 3KW frequency inverter / motor power
  • Cabinet 2 Maximum for 4KW to 7,5KW frequency inverter / motor power
  • Higher motor power solutions also available
  • Flexible with additional options like
    • 110V polarization drive transformer
    • Cooling fan options
    • Power outlet
    • Ethernet switch, with or without optical fibe
    • Sunshield
    • Handheld

The following table presents you an overview and the links to the different antenna control and tracking products from SatService.

ACU Core Modules

sat-nms ACU-ODM

core module of all ACUs from SatService GmbH, always in use in any version. Baseline firmware is positioner only, step track see below


firmware upgrade for antenna step track

Outdoor Cabinet Version

sat-nms ACU-ODU-AC

outdoor cabinet, contains all necessary components, different sizes of cabinets - DS up to 3KW -DE up to 7,5KW

sat-nms ACU-ODU-DC

outdoor cabinet for small DC motor versions

19inch Rackmount Versions

sat-nms ACU19V2

Vertex 7200 and 7134 connector compatible

sat-nms ACU19

19inch 1RU, with DC driver (100W) for small antennas

sat-nms ACU-RMU

19inch rack mount unit

sat-nms ACU-RMU-NEC

19inch rack mount Unit, NEC compatible

Upgrade Kits

sat-nms UP-ACS3000

upgrade kit for Andrew ACS3000

sat-nms MCU-V-AC

Motor Control Outdoor Unit, plate in 7150


sat-nms LCPHD-PT

ACU Local Maintenance Controller Handheld, including PT connector, therefore also PMCU compatible

sat-nms RCPH

ACU handheld Controller via RS232

sat-nms RCP19

19 Inch Rack mount control panel for remote controlling without Laptop


sat-nms MNC system

Our sat-nms MNC Monitoring & Control System supports all sat-nms products out of the box.



All sat-nms Datasheets


User Manuals

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