Turn key projects and upgrades for satellite ground stations

SatService GmbH started its business in 1996 as a pure system design and system integrator company. As you can see on the website, SatService now also has products in its delivery program, but still a major portion of the yearly revenue of the company is generated with turn key projects. Also today SatService continues to deliver turnkey satellite ground stations for its customers and SatService is also not too shy to rebuild our customers satellite ground stations. Such rebuilds and upgrades of satellite ground stations has even become one of the domains of the company SatService. Here, of course, the use of our own products of the sat-nms product family is very helpful for our customers, because we can offer them an additional added value.

We respond to your tenders and requests for proposals in a professional way, but we also are happy to assist you via a small consulting contract in order to prepare the design of your new or already existing satellite ground station or network in advance, to implement your new requirements technically.

SatService has a proven track record about a huge number of different satellite ground station types and configurations. Here some examples and applications:

Antenna park
  • TV-Uplink stations compliant for the SES, Eutelsat and Intelsat space segment
  • Satellite ground stations for any type of teleport operators
  • Central receive stations for SNG (Satellite News Gathering) at the broadcasters headquarter
  • TV uplink and received stations for occasional use
  • Satellite ground stations for VSAT hub applications (normally RF frontend only)
  • SCPC VSAT stations
  • Governmental receive only stations
  • L-band stations for GNSS receive only (1,8 or 2,4m)
  • L-band stations for the Inmarsat space segment

Parallel to this specific satellite ground station activities SatService provides also independent consulting, system design and system development. In that case you can subcontract the SatService know how and expertise for your system design application.

Upgrades and retrofit for satellite ground stations

There is a contradiction between the antennas and the electronics sub-systems in a satellite ground stations. The mechanical parts including the waveguides and RF parts of an antenna have a lifetime which is very long, much more than the projected 10 years. In great contrast to that the electronics sub-systems of an satellite ground station whether it is in the transmit or receive system or the antenna control or tracking system does have a much shorter life time.

Reasons for this are that manufacturer no longer support their equipment or software, no spare parts are available anymore or it is just outdated equipment as new functionality, which is not only nice to have but a must for todays operation, is missing.

Here SatService can assist you as a potential customer very much to address these points and renovate or upgrade your ground terminal efficiently. Examples of such retrofits are:

Antenna park
  • new antenna control or tracking system
  • feed system with new RX/TX frequency bands
  • new receive system with redundant LNA/LNBs and downconverter
  • new transmit system with SSPAs or TWTAs and other waveguide switching unit to handle redundancy switching properly
  • new monitoring & control system both hardware and software based on our sat-nms MNC system

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